Product of the Year
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Best music system £400-£800

Marantz Melody Media M-CR610

"Marantz has done it again: this is an excellent all-in-one system"

Best Buys

Best music system up to £400

Denon D-M39DAB

"Denon's hugely successful micro hi-fi remains a worthy winner"
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Best music system £800-£1500

Naim UnitiQute2

"An authentic hi-fi streamer, and worth every penny"
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Best music system £1500+

Linn Kiko

"Sleek, stylish and fun to use, Kiko also has the performance to impress"
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Best multiroom system


"A hugely flexible multiroom streaming system, easy to use and great to listen to"
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from £170
Best cinema system

Sony BDV-N7100W

"A fantastic all-in-one system that delivers excellent pictures and sound – and a variety of streaming features"
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